Image of a student surrounded by his belongings.Burglary is a common crime across the majority of cities in the UK. In student circles it is amongst the top 3 crimes that occurs during student life. When moving into a student house a lot of excitement and the sense of fun can overtake any thought of security when it comes to your belongings. It’s important that you keep your wits about you when moving into your new halls or house share. To help we have put together the below top tips that should go some way in protecting your property throughout your student life.

1. Sign up to

A free service to start with which is supported by the police and the national insurance register that enables belongings to be traced back to their original owner when recovered.

Just spend a couple of hours listing your precious belongings on to the site then you can rest assured that if you are unfortunate enough to be burgled, anything recovered by the police will be returned. Continue Reading →

Fridge interior with an apple

A busy schedule and a tight budget are two very good reasons why you may fall out of shape when you are in college. But, it does not have to be that way. You can still stay healthy even if you do not have the time to do a lot of exercise, and if you do not have the budget to buy healthy food. Just small changes in your daily routine and life may help to keep you healthy until you leave college when you can start working out and buying nicer food. Continue Reading →

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For any of you that have experienced, or are experiencing life as a student, I’m sure you can empathise with the struggle to attain adequate nutrition at University. A limited budget, as well as the allure of cheap temptation and instant gratification, means that nutrition generally features low in our list of priorities. Consequently, our health and physiques suffer.

We at University Nutrition are determined to help you overcome the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your nutritional goals. We believe that University should be the time in your life when you look and feel the best. Continue Reading →

Image of students stewarding at a festival

We’re well in to the festival season now and chances are you’ve been to one or two already, have got one lined up, or couldn’t afford the two hundred something pounds a festival will set you back by. Or you might not just like them, but then why on earth did you decide to read an article entitled: stewarding at festivals?

I referred in my last article to stewarding as an option if you want to go to a festival but just don’t have to money for it.

Now I must be clear, there a lot of stewarding companies out there and you can research and pick one you like the sound of. I’ll be telling you about stewarding with Oxfam. Continue Reading →

The dreaded day is looming… results day.  Thursday thousands of students across the country will find out whether they achieved the grades they wanted or the grades they didn’t.  This of course will determine whether they have got their first choice or second choice of university.

For some of you, the anticipation is probably killing. September is drawing nearer and nearer and you just want to know if you’ve got in to the university you want to or not. Well don’t worry. Even if you haven’t got your first choice then your second choice will be just as good. You might not have imagined yourself there but more often than not it works out for the best. Continue Reading →

Image of alcohol for house partyIf you’ve unwillingly left first year behind and are soon to become a second year don’t worry it’s not all bad. Remember being aged 14-17 looking forward to house parties every weekend, the excitement of being able to drink alcohol- (not on the streets) who will ‘get with’ who, what fights will break out and of course how many times the police will get called by party pooper neighbours. Well think of this but 10000000x crazier, funner and full of much more antics than you ever experience pre 18.

So here’s a few tips to throwing the best house party your uni will see.. Continue Reading →

Every year 1000′s of students miss out on sums of money because they just aren’t aware. If you think you’re entitled to any student grants or bursaries this  guide will help you out!

It’s often stressful preparing for uni: to make matters worse, the search for potential grants is often shrouded by complex jargon and useless information. We’ve helped you out by stripping out the bulk of the article and getting right to the juicy bits, the facts!

Below you’ll find a list of the most common bursaries, student grants and scholorships that you might be entitled to. Be sure to read the information carefully and visit the relevant sites we suggest. Continue Reading →